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What's new

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Mechanics is one of the oldest research fields in natural science. Recent significant progress of numerical ability of computers makes it possible to explore non-linear mechanics of solid materials. We investigate deformation behavior of solid materials with the aim of further development of mechanics.

a. Development of constitutive models for metallic materials based on experimental observation.
b. Prediction and evaluation of macroscopic deformation behavior and/or microstructure development by finite element methods with the developed constitutive models.

Research topics
1. Experimental observation of deformation behavior and microstructural change of polycrystalline metals
2. Numerical analysis of deformation behavior of metallic materials
3. Modelling of deformation behavior of metallic materials

2019-2020 Member

 Associate professor: Tsuyoshi MAYAMA

M1: Syuntaro TAKAYAMA
B4: Masayoshi SATO
B4: Hinako NAGAOKA

Past research topics for students


B1 Fundamental Physics
B1 Exercises in Mathematics II
M1 Continuum Mechanics
D1 Non-linear Continuum Mechanics

Laboratory experiments
B1 Fundamental Experiments in Engineering
B3 Laboratory Work in Materials Science (Aging of Al-Cu alloy)


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Selected papers:
T. Mayama, M. Tane, Y. Tadano, Superior energy absorption in porous magnesium: Contribution of texture development triggered by intra-granular misorientations, Acta Materialia Vol.165 (2019), pp.62-72.
Y. Kawano, T. Ohashi, T. Mayama, R. Kondou, Crystal Plasticity Analysis of Change in Incompatibility and Activities of Slip Systems in α-phase of Ti alloy under Cyclic Loading, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences Vols.146-147 (2018), pp.475-485.
D. Kishi, T. Mayama, Y. Mine, K. Takashima, Crystallographic study of plasticity and grain boundary separation in FeCo alloy using small single- and bi-crystalline specimens, Scripta Materialia Vol.142 (2018), pp.1-5.
Y. Mine, R. Maezono, T. Mayama, J. Wu, Y. L. Chiu, P. Bowen, K. Takashima, Plasticity and crack extension in single-crystalline long-period stacking ordered structures of Mg85Zn6Y9 alloy under micro-bending, Journal of Alloys and Compounds Vol.718 (2017), pp.433-442.
S. Ogata, T. Mayama, Y. Mine, K. Takashima, Effect of microstructural evolution on deformation behaviour of pre-strained dual-phase steel, Materials Science and Engineering A Vol.689 (2017), pp.353-365.
K. Kwak, T. Mayama, Y. Mine, K. Takashima, Anisotropy of strength and plasticity in lath martensite steel, Materials Science and Engineering A Vol.674 (2016), pp.104-116.
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T.Mayama, T.Ohashi, Y.Tadano, K.Hagihara, Crystal plasticity analysis of development of intragranular misorientations due to kinking in HCP single crystals subjected to uniaxial compressive loading, Materials Transactions Vol.56 (2015), pp.963-972.
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T.Mayama, M.Noda, R.Chiba, M. Kuroda, Crystal plasticity analysis of texture development in magnesium alloy during extrusion, International Journal of Plasticity Vol.27 (2011) pp.1916-1935.
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T.Mayama, K.Sasaki, M.Kuroda, Quantitative evaluations for strain amplitude dependent organization of dislocation structures due to cyclic plasticity in austenitic stainless steel 316L, Acta Materialia Vol.56 (2008) pp.2735-2743.
T.Mayama, K.Sasaki, H.Ishikawa, A Constitutive Model for Cyclic Viscoplasticity Considering Changes in Subsequent Viscoplastic Deformation due to the Evolution of Dislocation Structures, International Journal of Plasticity Vol.23 (2007) pp.915-930.
T.Mayama; K.Sasaki, Investigation of subsequent viscoplastic deformation of austenitic stainless steel subjected to cyclic preloading, International Journal of Plasticity Vol.22 (2006) pp.374-390.


Mayama's office:
 Researcher Room 2, 4th floor, IRCAST

 Open Laboratory 1, 4th floor, IRCAST

* IRCAST: The building S12 of Kurokami South Campus in the map at the following web page
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