Research Purpose

Our key aims are to design and develop metallic materials that can be used in various applications and to enhance the environmental sustainability. We are conducting research on Mg alloys, which are attractive and beneficial for lightweighting structures.

Mg alloys are very light due to the low density of magnesium,1.74 g/ml. Therefore, its usage can reduce the weight of transportation equipment. We are conducting research on magnesium alloys that can be applied as structural materials for high-speed trains and aircraft in Japan and overseas. Moreover, since magnesium is an essential element for the human body, it has high biocompatibility. Therefore, we are actively researching Mg alloys for bioabsorbable medical devices. Although Mg alloys are expected to be used in various fields, they have technical challenges such as low strength, low corrosion resistance, and low ignition temperature, that must be overcome. It’s our aim to overcome these barriers. Our research data and results have been regularly published in scientific journals and books.

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